P O R C H & F L O O R
F L O O R & P A T I O

Available in these premium interior/exterior finishes :

Ready Made Colors

Porch & Floor Alkyd Porch & Floor Enamel
Urethane-Reinforced Interior/Exterior 112

  • Recommended for interior or exterior use on floors, porches, stairs, dadoes, and railings.
  • Excellent utility finish for metal partitions, machinery, and industrial equipment.
  • Applies easily with brush or roller on new or previously painted wood, metal, or cured concrete.
  • Exceptionally durable; stands up even in heavy traffic areas.
  • Withstands all kinds of weather.
  • Hard high gloss finish resists dirt, scuffing, and marring.
  • Washes easily; resistant to soaps, detergents, and water spotting.

Floor & Patio Latex Floor & Patio Enamel
Epoxy-Reinforced Interior/Exterior 122

  • For interior and exterior use.
  • Provides color, beauty of finish, and protection for new or previously painted wood.
  • Ideal for porches, basements, game rooms, factories, and showrooms.
  • Smooth and quick application with roller or nylon brush.
  • No unpleasant odor during application.
  • Dries dust free in less than an hour.
  • Resistant to acid and alkali (soaps and detergents).
  • Brushes and other painting tools clean easily in soapy water.



White 01

Patio White 02

Platinum Gray 74

Natural Beige 58

Light Gray 70

Bamboo Beige 57

Deck Gray 71

Rich Brown 60

Green 40

Country Redwood 23


Note: In addition to a difference in gloss level between Alkyd Porch & Floor Enamel and Latex Floor & Patio Enamel, there may be a slight difference in certain colors of the same name between the two products.

Due to the vagaries of electronic transmission and delivery of color, including the issues of monitor calibrations and generated color versus produced color, current technology is unable to deliver color online to meet our standards of consistency and accuracy. This section is only a sampling of the colors. To accurately view these colors, please obtain color samples and color cards by visiting our store.